September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

Another milestone! The United States continues to grow its love for alternative energy sources! In the first three quarters of 2016 more solar installations were completed than in all of 2015. With the boom of worldwide solar the prices have begun dropping, resulting in more accessible installations. Political views aside, this article illustrates what green-minded consumers are hoping for: that renewable technology is becoming more and more accessible to the masses. While in the past you'd have to take out a second (and possibly third) mortgage on your home to try and save on your energy bills now you can shellout far less money up front to save on utilities. There are also a number of well-respected financial companies available to assist with financing a solar installation. Wunder Capital is one of the companies providing financing (along side other investment products) for businesses considering going solar. Our company worked with Wunder for our solar installation and our experience was seamless and problem free. You've likely noticed that we post quite a lot about solar and renewable energy on our blog. We do so because we feel it's very important to not only be responsible about the planet that we live on right now, at this very moment, but to also do everything we can to preserve our environment for generations to come. We're all very fortunate to enjoy our planet and it's our hope that we can keep it healthy and strong for a long, long time after we're gone.

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