September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

With over 75 million baby boomers downsizing and moving from Northern US to Florida, we are often asked how expensive the move might cost. Unlike buying a refrigerator, it is always hard to give an exact cost for moving to Florida. There are many variables such as; distance, number of items, weight and time constraints.

Unfortunately, there are many “fly-by-night” moving companies who advertise fixed,not-to exceed and guaranteed lowest, prices over the internet. This confuses many people who are moving to Florida and often makes it difficult for us to help downsizing homeowners in assessing the actual costs for moving to Florida. Following are some guidelines for determining the cost of moving to Florida.

This is probably one of the most common factors in determining the cost of moving to Florida. It makes sense that the further a home is from where the items are being moved to, the more it would cost. Fuel, wear and tear, and drive time are going to add up; the further someone’s origin address from where their destination in Florida.

All moving trucks have a certain amount of space so, the more space the items take up on the truck, the more it will cost to move to Florida.

Every truck has a specific amount of weight that can be allowed on it, as determined by the Department of Transportation. This means that if you are moving a 10 year collection of National Geographic magazines (the world’s heaviest known substance) then the truck is severely limited in what can legally be loaded onto it.

This variable ultimately will be one of the hardest things to calculate as it relates to the cost for a move to Florida. Regardless of the weight, space taken on the truck or the distance, a move price can be significantly lowered if there are no date or time restrictions. Homeowners who have the luxury of not needing their goods at a predetermined time can often take advantage of working on the moving company’s timeline for a reduced cost.

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