September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson

With over 80 million baby boomers retiring and downsizing their homes, most reputable moving and storage companies are busier than ever. Getting onto their schedule can be challenging. Knowing when to book a moving company is key to having a stress-free moving experience.

Over the past three decades most moves for homeowners were “upsize” moves. Homeowners gradually increased the sizes of their homes and their inventory of furniture and personal items increased as the homeowners became more successful. These homeowners could book a moving company with only a two to four week notice. Now though, with more than three times as many homeowners moving at the same time, it is important to book a moving company as far as eight to twelve weeks in advance. The keys to booking a moving company this far in advance are:

1) Call your preferred moving company to inquire how far out their schedule is booked before you sell your house. This may seem futile, but at least you can be prepared for worst case scenarios. If they indicate an eight-week booking schedule, ask them to reserve a few dates. At least you will have your name in their que and you can have some peace of mind that you won’t have to call a less reputable company.

2) Tell your realtor that you have booked a moving company for certain dates so they know the time frame you may be working around for your move. As offers come in and possible closing dates are discussed you at least have some control of the moving date.

3) When you book your moving company, insist on giving a deposit and a get a signed contract for your moving dates. This will ensure they will show up on moving day. Many unsuspecting homeowners end up without a moving company on moving day because the company they booked decided to move some other more lucrative client instead.

There are many variables that make it difficult to know exactly you need to book a moving company. However, prescheduling early, giving a deposit and following up a few days before the move is essential to ensuring a good moving experience with a reputable moving company.

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