September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson
private wine storage 2

There are many levels of wine enthusiasts in America. There are those who “enjoy a good bottle of wine” and then there are those who collect many good bottles of wine. In fact, over the past 20 years Americans have collected and consumed more wine than in the previous 100 years combined! With so many people collecting wine, storing these wines is becoming a booming industry. Many self-storage facilities are now offering “private” wine lockers so that large collectors can store their ever growing collections. This provides many homeowners the luxury of being able to come and go to their off-site locker, just like regular self-storage for household goods. However, even though the self-storage facilities advertise “private wine storage”, it still is a public building open to anyone who wants to rent space there, which means it is not actually “private”. Ultra-High Net Worth and High Net Worth wine collectors use a private moving and storage company to store their collections. A private moving and storage company is fully trained in wine handling and also knows privacy protocols. Working side-by-side with the private family staff, the William C Huff Companies discreetly store collections that can only be accessed by trusted and secure staff members. Private wine storage, by definition, does mean it needs to be kept private. Only a “private” wine storage facility can truly be considered “private”!

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