September 5, 2023
Posted by:
Jim Henderson
Baron Collier

The sleepy fishing village of Naples, Florida was discovered by Baron Collier in 1911. An avid fisherman, Baron established one of the most elite fishing camps in the world by the 1920’s. In 1923 the areas from the Everglades all the way North to Bonita and as far East as Miami/Dade county was officially named in Baron’s honor…Collier County. The Collier family understood the value of the pristine wilderness that surrounded the Naples area.

old collier map

As the town began attracting people from the north, they put very restrictive ordinances in place to prevent over developing. In contrast, Miami grew into a bustling city with mega skyscrapers and a fast active pace that attracted those who wanted to be part of a busy scene. As a result of the restrictions on development Naples grew at a steady pace, but with a laid-back feel. Many families from Mid-West America migrated to the quiet, peaceful neighborhood of Naples. With the more strict use of land came a greater demand for the available land, increasing the land values accordingly. Today some of the most expensive beachfront property in the US is found on Gordon Drive. Recent home sales for homes in the 20,000-30,000 square foot range have sold for over $50 million. Vacant, undeveloped lots have sold for over $18 million.

larned house

Moving to Naples (if one can afford it) is a good decision because not only is it a quieter, more peaceful town than many others in Florida, the value of the property will most likely always remain higher than average for similar homes in other parts of the state. And if a person is a fishing buff, it is still considered one of the most magical fishing towns in the world.

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